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Ricky Marano is an Italian producer and dancer born in 1998 who began his career as an artist from an early age. At just 7 years old he discovers the one who will influence his artistic career: Michael Jackson. As a teenager he began playing the electric guitar and listening to 80s music, influenced by his musician father, until 2010 when he discovered electronic music thanks to artists such as Skrillex.
From that moment on he began producing in different genres, starting from EDM, passing through trap, hip-hop, funky, pop, house, hardstyle, dubstep, etc…

In 2020 the track entitled "Venom" goes viral on social media. It currently has nearly 1 million streams on Spotify.

In addition to working on his own, Ricky Marano boasts various musical productions with the "Urban Theory", a crew that currently has 22M followers on social media. In fact, thanks to this success, musical collaborations are born with brands such as Tezenis, Pull & Bear and Samsung .. up to the creation of a film soundtrack!

He played in various Italian cities, and in 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the latest achievements was the release of his single "Live from the Space" on the official Trapcity channel on Youtube.

He does not feel he belongs to a specific genre but prefers to give space to his creativity, feeling free to embrace different styles.

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